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With plenty of extensibility, ionDESK arms you with the tools you need to create advanced trading solutions with the minimal effort.

Download the ionDESK SDK for Microsoft Visual Studio and get started today!
Visual Studio 2010 or higher
Version ionDESK ( Latest Version )  
Updated 8/24/2020  
Download  ionDESK Addin API SDK For building addins that provide various solutions that drive order strategies
  ionDESK Linx API SDK For building custom solutions that drive the entire ionDESK trading platform ( place orders, query positions, etc )

Develop Trading Solutions in Minutes

ionDESK API extends powerful tools for any developer to easily build and deploy trading solutions that work within ionDESK. We made it easy to create addins. Create one simply class with properties for user input and another to process the addin’s task by calling a single method, ‘ Getdata’.

Key Features
Use VB.Net or C#
Build Signals ( Buy / Sell )
Build Patterns
Build Technicals
Build ionDESK Windows
Build Reporting & Analysis Tools
External Application Integration
Multi-threaded and Parallel Computing Architecture