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ionDESK Product Suite

ionDESK Practice ™

$190.00 - Month / Seat

Need to test your strategies before you put your money at risk? Practice trading ( paper-trade ) with ionDESK Practice. Fund your practice account and add margin. Place full market orders against live market data.

ionDESK Active ™

$490.99 - Month / Seat

We've got the right tools for the active trader! With ionDESK Active, you get all of the standard features of today's trading platforms. Trade with basic forms or visually setup trades. Place advanced orders with compound conditions.

ionDESK Vision ™

$690.99 - Month / Seat

ionDESK Vision is specifically for traders that make use of advanced research and visual tools. ionDESK brings you the means to combine sentiment and form opinions from custom defined conditions to help you take action faster without analyzing mounds of data.

ionDESK Robot ™

$990.99 - Month / Seat

The future of automated trading is here! ionDESK Robot allows you to fully automate your trades, yet still remain in control of how and when orders are processed.

ionDESK Max ™

$2,490.99 - Month / Seat

With account grouping, special lot allocation features and bulk order management, you'll be able to place trades applied to account groups and manage multiple trades as one.

ionDESK Pit ™

Coming Soon

Banks, hedge funds and investment groups require better communication from pit controller to traders. ionDESK Trade Pit introduces new tools that grant comunication from pit controller to traders and from trader to trader. These tools allow you to pool information, share trade layouts and post alerts top down and horizontally. All in real-time!

Note: Each product contains features of children products. For example ionDESK Robot contains all of the features of ionDESK Vision. See features list for details.